A few news bulletins, in just three cities, on just a couple

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handbags replica ysl The conclusions are wide ranging and fascinating, but the first thing to stress is that it is a small selection. A few news bulletins, in just three cities, on just a couple of platforms over several days. Compared with our vast news and current affairs output around the country, it is tiny indeed, and we will be doing more of these reviews in the future to look at our news coverage in other cities and on other platforms.. handbags replica ysl

yves saint laurent replica purse Ninety two countries offer paternity leave to new fathers. India is not one of them. However, Haryana, considered the bastion of patriarchy, does offer 15 days of paternity leave, something which many, including women groups, dismissed as a paid opportunity for men to loiter about and drink. yves saint laurent replica purse

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