He added that Ross will be implementing Trump’s trade agenda

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Ysl replica handbags The commerce secretary has the ability to pressure China when it comes to steel prices, and Brown suggested Ross may be willing to do that. Steel industry and its workers,” Brown said.He added that Ross will be implementing Trump’s trade agenda something Brown supports but that most free market Republicans oppose.”Mr. Trade policy President Trump has promised, and I will press him and the Administration to strengthen enforcement against those who cheat our trade laws,” he said.”Because of his extensive dealings in our state, I felt it was necessary for me to conduct an intense vetting of this nominee,” he said, noting that Ross had owned Sago Mine when the workers died there.But Manchin, too, touched on the steel industry.Ross bought Weirton Steel in 2004 and folded the bankrupt company into his International Steel Group. Ysl replica handbags

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